Art of Hosting – A Rave

Just a few days ago I participated in an Art of Hosting training, after Helen insisted for a couple of times,and I’m very happy I did. (You can find a lot of pictures of the event here.)
Taking the train back to Berlin I wrote the following rave…

Art of Hosting is not a method, even though it uses state-of-the-art (post-)modern social technologies that make a lot of sense and help turn that sense into effective action – if that is what the participants wish.

Art of Hosting is also not a group dynamic process, even though it touches upon and at times celebrates the wonderful feeling of community that any group using authentic human interactions will experience.

Art of Hosting most of all is the expression of a way of being, a way of life, a way of being with others and situations as they unfold. Hosting reality as the host in Rumi’s poem “The Guest House” does, welcoming each person, feeling, concept and situation as it wishes to appear. And more – not only welcoming but actively and appreciatively inquiring into whatever seems to be important to one.
And answering, responding from one’s core, essence, heart – a true answer that, just a s a true question does, moves whoever participates in this delightful activity.
Seriously, lightheartedly, full of courage that can meet the issues of the moment head on – not hard and brittle but gracefully, as a dancer would meet an ancient dragon; not to cout it’s head of but to engage him so much that he’ll love to share his treasure.

Art of Hosting is an expression of people in love with life, humans, natural systems, and all kinds of organisations, even the dragon-systems breathing sulfuric fires as they are caught up in ancient loyalties to unfeeling rationality and hierarchy.

So yes, Art of Hosting is a way of being in love, as the artist is in love with the subject/object of his re-creation, and yes, as a true warrior is in love with his enemy, even risking his life to make peace before battle begins.

Art of Hosting is a clear way and bright view, a way of action that engages the whole human being.

So thank you all who have opened this Path with a Heart to me that is at times a method with a purpose and an effective tool to solve all manner of questions, without asking any of us to be other than just the way we are.

Thank you.

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