Future Environment

A fantastic video showing what we will have done for the environment (at least if you are a citizen of the US) in the the year 2055… and it worked. It really inspired me, and I hope it inspires you as well…

Climate: A Crisis Averted

Is the Force real?

Find out with Psi Wars, an animated movie starring Oh Be One Kenobi, a scientific Jedi who shares intriguing new research on psychic abilities with aspiring Paduwans. Is it true that events such as 9-11 or the O. J. Simpson trial result in detectable changes in global consciousness? Can we communicate at a distance? Are our minds entangled? Join Lukie Psiwalker and a young Yoda on a Jedi’s path towards a more enlightened paradigm that can triumph over the Dark Side of fixed ways and beliefs.

5 Keys to Mastery

George Leonhard has been an inspiration to me for a long time.  The morning exercises (German version) I do almost ever day (6 out of 7) come out of the book The Life We Are Given that he wrote together with Michael Murphy; it’s actually a program making it easier to find Mastery, which is the title of the book he wrote also, and now there is a video-trailer of a DVD with the same title. (I found it thanks to Siona’s blog) Very inspiring indeed…


It’s in the Air

Thank you Ria for posting this in your interesting blog, it really turned me on. So here are the Naturally 7 on the Metro in Paris…


Dynamic Presencing

These scenes were filmed by my friend Rolf Seiler during the Easter Seminar last year, and now I finally managed to get the editing done. It gives you an impression of one aspect of my work which I really love as it allows participants to often directly access spaces that are so often spoken and theorized about, but which are usually accessible only after long discipline…

And then on the fair recently some people asked me to explain what it all means… (have to upload this video again)

The Myth of the Given – or, is object & subject fiction?

(12:53 Min)

A general look at the inner monkey, myth-takes, … asking, “Can the eye see itself? Can a camera make a pic of itself? Do you like to be objective? What do you see on your screen? And where are objects anyway?”
So let’s condition one another, get unstuck and find no separation anywhere… and look at ???

My Language – How to flow with life

8:35 Min.

A most interesting video by a so called ‘autistic’ person – truth is, she just communicates differently with reality than most of us do. To understand just let it affect yo, then after the first 4 minutes or so she gives an explanation…

Here is her text with the video:
The first part is in my “native language,” and then the second part provides a translation, or at least an explanation. This is not a look-at-the-autie gawking freakshow as much as it is a statement about what gets considered thought, intelligence, personhood, language, and communication, and what does not.

Her website

Why I left my spiritual teacher – vlog

Here I’m telling why I left my spiritual teacher, and a little bit about vertical and cooperative spirituality – and why we need much more of the second variety (ca 9:30 min)

Sweet & magic animation

Work in ProgressILM Short: “Work in Progress”
In a fantastic workshop hidden deep in a world of natural wonders, two peculiar inventors squabble over their latest creation. What’s more important, concept or implementation? A mysterious third party intervenes and provides the elusive, missing ingredient.

Click on pic to see movie (Quicktime) 

Russian Walk

I found a really new way to take a walk recently on video.google because the title turned me on – and then the video blew my mind really. I could feel the energy coming from this way of using obstacles that are in the way – or so I thought…

“We go our own way,” this statement gets another meaning after you’ve seen this video.

The inventor of Parcours, David Belle, has a website dealing with this way of life in six languages, and a whole bag full of videos about this ‘sport’.

Flight over Postupice

A week ago we made a flight over the Serenity Community in Postupice – it was a birthdaypresent I now ‘cashed in’.

The video might look a bit crushed, and is quite small – wanted to spare some bandwidth, but I guess in the time to come, you’ll have a better version here.

But in the the meantime, if you click the link, a pop-up will open (if you have that function enabled), and you’ll see a…

Flight over Postupice

and you can download the ‘uncrushed’ version here

Dalando told me to :-)

Well my dear friend (if you wonder, who Dalando is, look at todays comment to my post on Tv and birds), I found a nice little plugin for my WordPress blogware here, and thought I make this testrun with this nice little video-comment about the immigrant debate in the US. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for the inspiration.

So hopefully you’ll find me video-blogging here in the time to come.

Love & Peace,