Enlightenment at the Padmafarm

Yesterday Janshi, Madrina, Nirdosh and I visited the Padmafarm, where I had a talk (you’ll find the audio here in some time) and facilitated a mini-seminar of 4 hours…

In the first hour of the event we explored the non-verbal, subtle dimension, and in the 3 hours after a little break we did the “Heart & Mind Clearing Process”, a method that via Assagioli’s Psychosynthesis, Hal and Idra Stone’s Voice-Dialogue and Genpo Roshis “Big Mind Process” in my seminar-work found its present form.

When some weeks ago in Brno in the Czech Rep. I did this process in my seminar there a physicist was participating, and I thought it would be interesting to do this process according to empirical scientific rules. So I started by explaining my working hypothesis somewhat like this: “We are/have one Self that manifests in the world as different ‘personalities’ (or ‘sub-personalities’ in Assagioli’s language) or `perspectives’ (as I like to call it). These ‘personalities’ can be called forth or activated, and then you can see things in life from this point of view and speak as that voice, exploring being in the world.”

Then I explained the experimental protocoll by which we as a group of poeople – having activated this or that personality – would explore the world through these eyes (and how we would go about activating and deactivating these perspectives). And that we would mostly concentrate on questions surrounding these issues: “What do you do?/What is your ‘job’?” And probably also: “How do you see the worldand things?” And: “What do you do or what are you for the ‘whole’ Self?”

And finally I made a prediction because that is part of the empirical process as I understand it; you can only check the validity of a hypothesis if it will be verified through what happens in reality. My prediction was: “Most – or maybe even all – of you will be enlightened for at least one minute, and you will not only know this to be so but you will also confirm it publicly here.”

When I did this for the first time in Brno I was wondering if I hadn’t gone too far doing this, because maybe the expectations I awakend would thwart the process. But it functioned beautifully. So much so that the scientist said that my results (95% of the participants confirmed their – temporary – enlightenment, and the energy-signature was very deep and rich) were truly remarkable from a scientific point of view: “In ordinary physical experiments you don’t have such high percentages”

Strengthened by this and similar experiences since in my talk I predicted yesterday at the Padmafarm what would happen later at the mini-seminar. And again the prediction held. An there was another thing I could observe: persons that have a greater difficulty to activate the ‘personalities/perspectives’ are helping the entire group to go deeper into the active voice (including the enlightened one). A paradox I hope to research more in depth in the future.

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  1. Dear Conrad,

    no, the exercise is actually not out of any literature at all. It is calling/activating certain perspectives (for instance, sceptic, vulnerable child, protector, seeker, non-seeking mind, etc.), and then interviewing them on questions like these: “What do you do?/What is your ‘job’?” And probably also: “How do you see the worldand things?” And: “What do you do or what are you for the ‘whole’ Self?”
    So quite other than you seem to suggest, this was much more an exploration we did together. Sure, one of the perspectives is through popular culture full of ideas (enlightenment), but it can be investigated from within as it were. So, yes, you could say that I suggest these perspectives; nevertheless we then explore them, and I am often surprised and delighted with what comes up in these processes.
    So I can appreciate your points, and how important they are for you with the authoritarian guru experience you had, but hey, I’m not interested in stopping any ego from existing, or cutting through any kind of illusion. I’m intersted in exploring ‘spiritual reality’ in many ways. And this is one of them.
    I do agree with you when you say, “Being able to discriminate between one’s real state and states induced by the power of suggestion is a crucial ability that must be developed if one is a serious spiritual aspirant” but then answer this: Whom are you gonna let determine what is reality? It is up to your own ‘understanding’ or spiritual authority within. I will neither bow down to any psychologist authority as I won’t bow down to any guru – I whish to explore, and I’ve only got my inner guide, like all of us.

    Much Love,

  2. I’m not suggesting you deliberately tried to hypnotize anyone, but the exercise you used was almost straight out of hypnosis literature. It’s really not necessary to use standard techniques, however. People are simply suggestible, and will readily submit to authoritative commands of even the most well meaning and gentlest “persuasion”. After spending years in Adidam, I started to read up on the psychological literature of cults, and then of hypnosis, mind-control, etc., and found that the spiritual world is full of these techniques and manipulations, both hard and soft, that are based on an almost inbred susceptibility to suggestion. “Hypnosis” is in some ways an illusion, because it goes on to a significant degree all the time, in families, in politics, and especially in religion. It’s important to be aware of how much we use and are used by it, I think. One of the qualities of an enlightened individual, I think, is his understanding of this process, and of his conscious rejecting of the power of suggestion, opting instead for reality. Your exercise could have been very useful if you had used it to show people just how suggestible they were, even in this critical area of enlightenment, and how willing they were to beleive themselves enlightened merely by the power of suggestion. Being able to discriminate between one’s real state and states induced by the power of suggestion is a crucial ability that must be developed if one is a serious spiritual aspirant.

  3. Dear Conrad,

    you’re surely right, it could have been hypnosis. Only I have no idea how to hypnotize people – but then, I might be a ‘natural talent’,
    And yes, this is nothing like a rigorous scientific experiment like in physics. Nevertheless the direction is there.
    None of the people claimed to now be enlightened; we were simply exploring the ‘enlightened perspective’. I do not claim any objective “enlightenment” if there is such a state at all; I’m simply an explorer…

    Much Love,

  4. You often do get 95% results in hypnosis demonstrations, which this “experiment” most resembles, especially when all the subjects have specifically come to the occassion for the purpse of becoming “enlightened”. True scientific experiments, such as those in physics, do not rely on subjective testimony, but on observable facts. Feeling “enlightened” is not a verifiable fact. It’s a subjective claim. If a hypnotist did the same experiment, and 95% of his subjects claimed to be chickens, would we think that maybe the hypnotist really had turned them into chickens? Of course not, because the verifiable aspect of the experiment, their physical bodies, would show that they had not in reality turned into chickens. Likewise, I suspect that anything approaching a “test” of enlightenment would reveal these people not to be enlightened, but only to have imagined they were.

    The power of suggestion is amazing, but it doesn’t actually turn people into chickens, and it doesn’t actually enlighten people either.

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