Happy in Plzen

This weekend I did my first weekend seminar in Plzen, and so I could now test what I’ve come to call ‘cooperative spirituality’ outside of Serenity for the first time.

The group room was incredible. On the photo you see just one of the 4 walls covered with paintings by a schizophrenic artist. It turned out to be some kind of gallery as well, even though I doubt if many people come. Not because these paintings are awful (they aren’t, I think) but because the place is actually a home for mentally handicapped children.seminar room Plzen It took a while before we got used to the ambiente here. So I sought the cooperation of the spirits that looked through these picture and walls and across the fences of our imagination; and they cooperated and helped…

It was a wonderful seminar in which we could test some new meditations; they proved to be very helpful. So I’ll be publishing one in my upcoming newsletter.

Govinds houseJanshi and I lived in the ‘cottage’ of our organizer in Plzen. StillebenIt was quite an interesting place. I’ve tried to catch some of the atmosphere there with these two ‘still lives’..Stilleben 2

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