Is it a dream or is it realitry?

Chuag TzeRecently I have started again to write down my dreams, getting up in the night right after the dream when the memory is still fresh. What interests me is not so much the content of the dreams in general – even though their ‘tone’ and atmosphere tells me much. But it is the fact of more or less unconsciously – usually – moving through a landscape / happening that is – or seems to be – not my creation. When this happenes consciously, though, one does realize to some extent, “I am dreaming” and that thus one can influence the dream to some extent (I have yet to realize within a dream that the dream in its totality is what scientists tell us, “entirely a production of the mind”).
And at present what becomes quite clear, and that is a surprising and unexpected result, is the ‘dreamlike’ quality of my so called waking life.

For instance, if I dream an exiting dream in which I, let’s say, feel angry at a person, and then wake up – it is quite clear that that person I was angry at, the anger and me are all created of the same ‘mind-stuff’. Whereas when I am angry in ordinary life, of nessecity the same principal must apply: I see that other person… where? in my mind. I feel the anger… where? in me / my mind. And finally I feel myself… where? in me / my mind. And that is just as in the dream, only I’m usually not awake to that fact (well, it seems that actually nowadays I mostly am).

The difference is that to so far unknown limits the content and action of dreams is not ‘objective’ in any way – it is entirely made up by ‘me’, that is my conscious and unconscious mind. Almost everybody agrees to that. Nevertheless I believe that this is not entirely true; we should share this ‘dreamworld’ somehow or in some degree. So just as in the waking world we share a reality (even though we have very different perspectives on it), the ‘physical stuff’ and a lot of other stuff does have a form of existence that does seem to have a great independency of our state of mind; and like this there should be some reality in the dreamworld that does have some kind of independence from us.

Well, I guess, that is what I’m working on to find out. It probably doesn’t really matter, but I do find it intriguing.

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