Is the US rapidly going down?

Spending billions for warfare (on terror and whatever) the US seem to be going down as the leading ‘open society’ that once was a light to much of the world. Now it has become more like the bully of the world…

So here the results of some research. The US Ranks worst, or next to worst in all of the following categories (thanks to the Sustainable Wealth blog):

Overall Child Welfare (UNICEF)
Health Care System Ranking (WHO)
Poverty Rate (OECD)
Income inequality – rich/poor gap (OECD)
Carbon dioxide emissions per capita (UNHDI)
Ecological Footprint (Global Footprint Network)
Personal Savings Rate (OECD)
Income and pension security (OECD)
Balance of payments (OECD)
Municipal waste per capita (UNHDI)
Development Assistance to poor countries per capita
Longevity (OECD)
Infant Mortality (OECD)
Child Abuse (Every Child Matters)
Depression (WHO, AMA)
Anxiety (WHO, AMA)
Obesity (OECD)
Murder Rate (
Incarceration Rate (OECD)
Motor vehicle fatalities per capita (OECD)
Vacation Time (CEPR)
Paid Family Leave (GWF)
Paid sick leave (GWF)
The size of the middle class by percent (UNHDI)
Voting Rate (IDEA)
Press freedom (
personal freedom (World Liberty Project)

WHO – World Health Organization, OECD – Organization for Ecoconomic Cooperation and Development, UNHDI – United Nations Human Development Index, AMA – American Medical Association, CEPR – Center for Economic and Policy Research, GWF – Global Working Families Study, IDEA – International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance

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