My Daemon

Having seen “The Golden Compass” and thoroughly enjoyed it – C4Chaos has a wonderful review on his blog – I went over to the website to find out what my daemon would be – and it is…

Well, crows played a big part in what I call my Grand Delusionment, so it’s only fitting.

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  1. Thanks for a good choice. I have seen this film with my children and we also tried the own tests over the website. My children were not satisfied with their results, so they did it again and they received the different daemons (they are children and their daemons can change). I also tried it again and – … I got other daemon, too. I confess, I feel sometimes like a child and it puts me into spirits. Anyway, we enjoyed it very much. In the end my daughter declared that she already has her daemon actually because she has got the little tom-cat from her friend and they are very often together 🙂 .

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