Newsletter 1/07

Recently I stumbled across a quote by Mahatma Gandhi who knew how to connect the spiritual life with an active one in society: “You have to be the change you want to see in the world .” Gandhi, Martin Luther King and in a different way Mother Theresa, they all brought change to the world, a change that they were incarnating in their life. Many of the present day Enlightened drive luxury cars, wear silk shirts and have people take care of their every need and whim. They too are the change they wish to see in the world.

The Gandhi quote seems to be about the future but in my view we always already are the change we wish to see – or to put it another way, what we wish to see can be recognized in what we actually are right now. And looking at the way we are day by day can be very uncomfortable especially if we think that we actually would wish to see another change. Well, that seems to be the bad news …

… and now the good news: We are always connected to reality no matter how reality seems to be – we are already one. We can neither be connected more nor can we divorce from it. If we are conscious of it then that connects us, and if we are unconscious then we are thus connected. We can doubt this – and then doubt is the form of our relationship. No matter what we think, what we do or not do this, forms our present relationship with everything and everyone. If we dread ourselves then that is our connection – and now that it’s over, we are again connected… how?

To understand this changes us from a seeker for whatever-it-may-be to a researcher, “How do I relate to reality this moment?” And understanding this gives us great and enduring freedom: Our oneness with the whole of reality is never in question, no matter how we relate to it. We can change now, and now, and now… and if we want to create a more encompassing change than we are free to do so by living it again and again until it is virulent enough to take over.


A change that is important enough to me to put into effect in all my seminars, events and the training right away is connected to money and value. Until now I have always decided myself how much people had to pay for participating in my seminars and events. But now I think it is essential that all of us learn to decide for ourselves how much the things we do are really worth and what that might mean financially. Therefore from now on I leave it up to you how much you value my work and what you wish to pay for seminars, events or trainings.

I call it the principal of “Fair Share” and it rests on the premise that we can only receive as much as we are willing to give – a fair exchange between free people based on trust.


My this year that is so full of mystical numbers and dates (a celebration we just have to take up: on 7.7.2007 in the evening on 7:07 our “707 party” will commence…) bring those changes to you that enable us all to create wonderful relationships with those that we love and don’t love and to reality as it appears to us.

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