On TV and birds’ singing

Went to visit Top-TV studio to watch the video of my last appearance, learn something from it – if possible… And it was possible: Have to wear something that doesn’t wrinkle up when I demonstrate some exercise like the Diamond Yoga sequence. Also have to go much slower about the ‘warming up’ in the beginning. (Well, to tell you the truth: I was still a bit nervous when I started out, and when I am I’m going much faster than is good for an audience ‘out there’.) The last few days I think a nightinggale was singing in our garden – don’t know for sure because it’s such a long time since last I heard one; it kept on singing after dusk and for the 40 – 50 minutes or so I don’t think it once repeated a songline! In the morning and the evening we have an incredible amount of birds singing here, and they enliven my morning-meditation. I have heard that they do the singing to audibly mark their territory, but to my ears in meditation their singing is a gateway to beautiful joys welling up inside of me.

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  1. Author: Mushin
    Dear Dalando,

    well, that makes me immediatly want to get into it.
    We’ll have to save to get one of those cams – oir wait untill dear Pujaro arrives here sometime in July – and than enhance this with that format.
    Actually he’s working right now on a vid. in which I’ll be introducing my work.
    And than podcasting… yeah, I’d like to get into it, but it’s a bit complicated… so I choose the method of posting my audios here.

    So I’ll do some research right away.
    Thanks for moving my right to it.

    Love & Peace,

    Never fear the internet is eternal, you simply need to move out beyond the speed of light and intercept the old message as it filters into the outer reaches of human consciousness.


  2. Hi Dalando,

    my thank you from yesterday has somehow disappeared in the wideness of the digital-electric ocean. Tried to fish it back out of it but wasn’t succesful.

    So here you see what you accomplished. Got myself a plugin and can now stream youTube videos here. Will try to move beyond being tied to this service, but that’ll take some time.

    So thank you again for making me move down that trail.


  3. I am not part of the Blog movement, though I have kept a narcissistic website for many many years (in Internet time). My website was my publication process extending naturally from the journals and sketchbooks I have maintained since art school 30 years ago.

    I took to making web pages because it combined my love of writing and graphics and the joy of wallowing, in the freedom to say it all, to anyone who cared enough to look. In recent times it has been a multi-leveled calling card… want to know EVERYTHING about me go swim at Lov-e.com.

    But now this medium is being overshadowed by an even richer format. Audio and video podcasts. Inside this newer format is the tactile engagement of sound and images, a seductive advancement over the literary restrictions of Bloging. I have learned so much faster, listening to Vegans debate their animal rights issues, than tearing through pages of advocacy text. There is something about the lilt of voices that brings home the passion… throw in visuals in motion, and I begin to own the issue in my heart.

    So dearest Mushin and family. One of those great new video cameras, mastered enough to produce a steady flow of video casts, delivered religiously into the hearts of thousand iTune home libraries, will expand your infamy and love circles still further.

    I sincerely see this as a natural and advisable next step… particularly in light of your own love of audio and your involvement in communicating the sublime.

    In love with life,

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