Our inner Censor…

… proves to be a great helper.
Today, during my weekend-seminar here in Prague (beautiful weather, so we can have our breaks in the park just across the street having a fabulous view of the Golden City) in what I’ve recently come to call Diamand Dialogues I was speaking with the censor in all the participants of the group.
So, yes, the job of the censor is to sift the stuff that’s going through our mind and heart and body and say what is bad and what is good, and using the tool of giving us all kinds of bad feelings – which can be judged by the inner judge but is not my business here – try to influence the whole person (‘me’) to comply with its findings.
Now, one of the interesting things I found out with the group today is that the censor really doesn’t make the rule or values that he uses in finding out what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’ for us – he’s just administering them. And the poor perspective isn’t getting much credit for doing so, is it?
So here is a bow of respect to all inner censors for doing the best they can to make the whole person live up to the values it holds dear.

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