Some good news…

… is always nice to find.

Here are the Top Ten Good News Stories of the Week, published every weekend . . .

1) Encouraging Results in Iraqi Police Recruiting More than 500 Iraqi men have joined the police in Anbar province — the most violent area of the Sunni Arab insurgency — in what militarysunsetoverreeds leaders called the most successful recruiting drive in the region ever by U.S. and Iraqi forces… (Civics)

2) Wetlands Restored After 107 Years – Not many wetlands have been restored in the world, or in California “where 95 percent of saltwater marshes have been given over to development”. But, this week environmentalists watched the ocean flood back over historic tidewaters, the culmination of a 30-year effort to restore the massive Bolsa Chica wetland. (Earth)

3) Judge Rules Bush’s Relaxed Pesticide Law Illegal – A federal judge in Seattle overturned new Bush administration rules that weaken the governing of pesticide use and their effect on endangered plants and animals. The court struck down the EPA’s new rules and restored prior standards that provided greater protection. (Earth)

4) Fighting Terrorism by Building Peace… One School at a TimeGreg Mortenson is an anti-terrorism warrior in the Islamic strongholds of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and his main weapon is building schools… “Americans are now learning that we can’t fight the war on terrorism with bombs.” (Inspired! Individuals)

5) Camp Grows Friendship Between Middle Eastern Kids, Traditionally Foes – If you were invited to sit down with your enemy for a cup of tea and discuss your conflicting views, would you do it? … More than 2,500 Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian, Pakistani and Indian kids spent three weeks with their “enemies” at a summer camp in the US arguing, understanding, and ultimately coming to respect the humanity behind every face – even their enemies. (Civics)


6) Black Rhino Numbers Up 20 Percent Over Two YearsBlack rhino numbers are on the rise in Kenya after years of decline from poaching and habitat loss. According to officials, the country’s black rhino population has increased 20 percent over two years… (Earth)

7) Katrina, Rita Create Unexpected Boom – Despite dire forecasts that Gulf Coast governors would have to slash state budgets in the wake of hurricanes Katrina and Rita one year ago, a new report finds that booming “hurricane economies” have fueled state revenue surpluses across the region. State revenues in hardest-hit Louisiana and Mississippi swelled since the storms. (Civics)
8) Costco to Eliminating Customer-Infuriating Plastic Clamshell Packaging – Great news about those horrible plastic shell encasements that seem to require super-human strength — and stabbing motion with scissors — to extract anything from their clutches. Costco will begin to use recycled cases that are easy to open… (Home Life)

9) Scientists Flock to Test ‘Free Energy’ Magnetic Field Discovery – Sean McCarthy says that his small hi-tech firm in Dublin has hit upon a way of generating clean, free and constant energy from the interaction of magnetic fields. He took out an advertisement asking for scientists to test his product. The response was overwhelming. (Science)

10) Trapped Cat Tugs At Hearts Of 4 Youths Who Rescue It – Frantic cries rose from a sewer drain that was quickly filling with water. Four boys found a cat hanging on for dear life. They couldn’t reach it by themselves but figured out a way to help. With a happy, but also a very surprising ending, this story will cheer all pet-lovers. (Pets)

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