States & Levels

I have experienced many states of consciousness in my life so far – every morning in my meditation it is there, the “champagne state” that I call such because it feels as if the finest of bubbles rush through my body… a wonderful feeling of wellbeing in which the whole body is participating…

In 1986 I “awoke” for the first time in deep sleep, there was an awareness without any content. A few years later I experienced a state in which all was one. Then many other experiences followed; meetings with the Golden Child, divine orgasms, precognitive events, the Great Ensoberment (an experience of cosmic nihilism), the celebration of being in and of itself, and so on.

So it is clear that I know first hand that the experiences of which the great spiritual traditions and masters (male and female alike) speak are neither hallucinations nor metaphors but actually reachable states of consciousness that can be realized through grace and discipline (and without drugs; and it is rather doubtful if these are the same states that can be reached with them, as I know from my excessive drug experiences in the beginning of the Seventies of the last century).

There is only one problem: the interpretation of these states. I put it provocatively like this a long time agao, “If an asshole becomes enlightened he stinks nevertheless; even if then it is declared to be a divine odour.” One can be enlightened on every and any level of development. Otherwise it would not be explainable that, to name just a few, a prince (Gautama Siddharta who later became known as the Buddha), a carpenter (Jesus) and a trader (Mohammed) could have penetrated to such depths of human experiencing… and put these in so different systems.

Or to be much more personal: When I was 17 I converted to Christianity (a so called “sect”) after having experienced a bright light over my head that eventually flooded my whole body. In the following 3 years I was laying hands on people of which 80% were healed, I received prophecies that were fulfilled etc. So I interpreted my spiritual/mystical experiences within the framework of the Christianity of this sect. After I left this tight embrace I had similar experiences (bright lights decending, laying on of hands etc. – no prophecies, though) and interpreted them agnostically as inbalances in the biochemical make-up of the brain and placebo.<BR>And when I had the experiences I mentioned in the very beginning of this post I interpreted it within the framework of the teaching that my teacher Michael Barnett developed from the teachings he got from his teacher and other mostly far-eastern influences.

When I try to differentiate the mystical/spiritual experiences from their interpretation-matrix they look to be very similar. The feeling, the awareness mediates a sense of being present with the highest joy, beauty and truth. These experiences are absolutely ecstatic and my whole ‘system’ feels unendingly well. If we take the awareness of the bright shining light over the crown of my head as an example; I ‘felt’ this for the first time during my prayer with disciple from the Christian sect, and I felt it since then in the diverse circumstances – today I can turn it on almost immediatly by just re-membering it. When I was a Christian I interpreted it as the “flame of the Holy Spirit”, as an agnostic I saw it as a hallucination, and when I was influenced by the teachings from the Far East I regarded it as an activation of the Sahasrar-chakra.

States & Levels: Now being 52 years old and someone who is regarded as a spiritual teacher by some people I see that all these interpretations are true… and that some interpretations are better than others if I place it within the context that looks towards the well-being (better: well-becoming) of all of humanity as a whole. To put it a bit different; how do the interpretations of these and similar truly valuable states of consciousness help (or hinder) people in leading a better life? Which interpretation makes it possible to not only re-experience such states time and again but much more, wich interpretation empowers one to be a compassionate, intelligent human being with just such relationships and a succesful career?

My aim as a postmodern non-metaphysical spiritual teacher thus is two-fold: to create methods and circumstances in which people on all levels of (grown-up) consciousness can have peak-experiences, and at the same time to offer them a helpful interpretation-matrix that helps them on several levels to make the best of these experiences. The first aim I can and do reach quite easily now – even with totally new people in a big group of 100 and more (as proven by several happenings at so called “Esoteric Fairs” here in the Czech Republic); the second aim I’m working at very much also in the Living Field Transformation Training.

So now I am being released from the clutches of a view that couldn’t very well discern between “enlightenments” and the development of a human psyche.

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