Sustainability Market Collaboration

Just in case you wondered where I’m going to be in the next few days… I’m at the

Energy EASE07 UnConference on Sustainability Market Collaboration

in San Francisco November 16-18 at Fort Mason

Berkeley, CA. Energy EASE07 opens in San Francisco on Friday with sustainability leaders and participants collaborating to develop market growth, exchange and governance guidance for the exploding green energy economy. Inspired by Spotlight Speakers including Hunter Lovins, Elisabet Sahtouris, FireHawk, Gil Friend and others, participants meet over three days at Fort Mason, to share ideas and forge relationships.

Using a collaborative un-conference format, attendees identify programs and policies that, with further development, can shape the future of the sustainability marketplace. To begin the discussions, EASE organizes around eight market functions: create, manufacture, distribute, use, finance, regulate, arbitrate and educate. In its inaugural year, EASE looks into the New Energy market of solar, wind, water, bio-fuels and associated sustainable energy innovations.

EASE invites all those interested in market collaboration and community building to participate in these conversations at no charge. By openly sharing ideas and visions, individuals have the opportunity to find partners, communities and projects with a shared purpose. Collaborative exchanges of resources and knowledge enable companies and projects to forge into larger, more influential communities. Their common understanding of purpose and action enable these communities to swiftly address the most important issues and opportunities of a group, region or industry.

Tom Atlee, visionary social activist who has written extensively on leading-edge issues in politics, philosophy and social transformation, calls EASE a daring mix of familiar and innovative approaches to conferencing that could prove revolutionary and a conference and on-line network designed to catalyze the sustainable economy with a level of sophistication seldom seen.

Energy EASE07 is dedicated to the life and work of John McConnell, founder of Earth Day. For Mr. McConnell, Peace is an honest understanding of another persons point of view. Justice is an equal sharing of all the worlds resources by all the worlds people and creatures. Without peace and justice, environmental care of Earth is a one-legged stool.

Interested un-conference participants should pre-register on line at

Contact: Susan Mills 510-851-1536

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