Landing Strip for a Participatory Future?

Living on the edge of what is in sync with the insight that we’re coming from the One and going towards ever increasing diversity, complexity and uniqueness of all the diverse “individuals” and “entities;” and the insight that the original one now manifest as the participation of all things and beings. You cannot not participate, participation evolved from the one that’s prior to the polyverse [the artist formerly known as universe].

Embarking on this narrative, “Because its beauty seduced me,” and because of how this story elucidates our origins and the origins of the polyverse, our habitat, so very well. An auto-poetic story, making itself up as we listen to and participate in its unfolding. So obviously it doesn’t narrate a history, it lays no claims to timelines as does the Big Bang and religious narratives. It does have a sense of prior and anterior, though, of a nonlinear expanse in which the already-given-but-still-being-influenced and the not-yet-here-but-influential-nevertheless is part of the continual reconfiguration and dynamic constellation of what is presencing itself as “what’s going on.”

The trans-planetory polyverse
The trans-planetory polyverse

In this budding story there is no center to the polyverse anywhere, not even as a center that’s everywhere and in everyone. There is no center around which it all revolves, be it only metaphorically, no, there is no center whatsoever. Therefor in this story we have no need for a king, for an emperor and his feudal court, or for a president and a chief of government, or any guiding individual for that matter – because those are the stories that have been told to originally sanctify the bullies that managed to take over the first cities on this planet and build walls around them.

Can we address the question differently? Can we stop seeking for causal stories of “how things came to be this way” with all the attributions of fame and blame to owners of a self with a name. Why go looking for causes? To plot a future course, and to devise a strategy that will make us successful founders of a new empire of the spirit, as so many of my contemporaries hope? Where the inner being, the sanctum of the soul, the enlightened self is a metaphor for what we make manifest in the “outside world?” To realize the non-dual construction of reality? That would be the top of the mountain of the landscape of our present day collective mind-heart. It seems to me that the question really is, “Can we be bold enough to go where the center is not a relevant issue anymore, because wherever we are is always already in the midst of it all?”

What we are embarking upon as humankind, I’m sure, requires something altogether new, something we haven’t done before on any plane, including the one we now call spiritual. A preliminary requirement would at the very least be one that asks us not to get tangled up in linearity, dia-lectics or -logics, the reducibility of phenomena to mathematics, essences, natures, abstracts, spirit energies and meanings. The key word here being: not getting tangled up, because all these strategies worked to create the realities that made humanity the most prolific species to ever inhabit the mothership. But these same strategies nowadays show that they have detrimental consequences for non-people and people alike. We’re required to grow wings and move beyond just walking; to navigate a 3D realm where so far we’ve just plotted paths on level grounds that stay the same most of the time as we creatively ignore the shifting sands. It requires from us to develop a society where we do automate the necessary linear, the causal and the mechanic and the way we all profit from that automation, so that our civilization can take off into the emerging 3-dimensional and possibly 4-dimensional world-spaces. Where we take off into the unpredictable while the predictable realm is being taken care of by “loving machines” and by “caring computers.”

by Kate Powell
by Kate Powell

I pray, and I put my heart-mind-trust on this reality to provide the landing strip for our greater future, our participatory lucid future where we’re contributing our wealth and receive ever expanding insight; we’re giving our richness and receive the treasures of being around while we grow into being a more mature humanity.

How do you participate in reality?

Participation – The Bare Bones

Picture by Moebius
Picture by Moebius

Those that have been following my shenanigans may have noticed that my view on reality has turned. I’ll abbreviate the conclusions here in 4 points, and leave explanations to some future post:

  • We are “coming from” the One, from unity; we’re not going towards it
  • Every being and thing, all moves towards greater diversity and complexity; the consequence for humans beings: we’re becoming more and more individuated and unique, and different
  • The prior unity shows up as participation; every being and thing participates in reality
  • The ‘new’ spirituality of the 21st century is conscious, or rather lucid participation, meaning that one is aware of participating (rather than, for instance enacting a ‘neutral observer’ or witness-consciousness) with every movement, however transcendent that movement may be…
  • So participation, in the way I’ve started to understand it, is an expression of the prior unity across all diversity, and it seems like it’s basic process in living beings is one of receiving > transforming > giving.

When lucidly participating in reality it seems there is no more category that would tell you how to measure matters across any kind of good-bad spectrum or true-false gradient. All matters of concern, and even those of no concern to us, are rather constellated in patterns of participation. If a choice happens within that frame it is one of fitness, “How well does this fit with what we’re constellating here, the carpet I am weaving, the poem I’m writing, the arrangement that I’m in favor of? How well does this strengthen the constellation’s connective sinews, their flexibility and strength to hold this together in the space I prefer?”

There are really no rules in lucid participation; there are just patterns and constellations, which means that the usual moral canon doesn’t work. They’re not adequate to this understanding.  What is generative needs to be determined, if indeed it does, every moment afresh. What gives other beings and things greater degrees of freedom needs to be discovered anew every single time.