Words of High Authority

From my post of May 4th you know I did a seminar in Prague last weekend. And even though the show was great – those in the studio thought so – and I had a lot of fun, it didn’t have much consequences for visitors to my seminar. And it was just a couple of clicks on my website according to the log. So not much happened out of that so far. But a few people who knew me from the Prague Esoteric Fair “esoterica” participated.

Prague from the Park We had our lunches in the park across the street, by the way, and here is a picture taken from the meadow on which we were always lying.

Saturday evening I asked the participants of my Prague-seminar to remember their dreams this night and tell us about them the next morning (Sunday, yesterday).

There were quite some interesting dreams told, one in which it actually rained sofas from the sky… but what I’d like to tell you here is the words M. had for us.

He said that as he was waking up he heard a voice from some higher source. Saying this he looked up, and all his body language told that these were words received, and not made up by some liberal minded guy 😉 . And these were the words:

“Everybody is entitled to be just the way they are.”

All throughout this day in one context or another these words played a role, for instance when I asked during an exercise in which we were to express what we felt like right this moment in front of Love, Truth and Beauty, “Are you only entitled to be just the way you are when you feel good, enlightened, true, etc. Or does that go for all ways of being?”

Diamond Yoga on TV

Mushin on Top-TVI just really had a great time on the Czech TV station Top-TV again. Nirdosh and Madrina came along and so did Barami who was my translator. We spoke a bit about the work first and what this subtle energy actually is and then we went on to do some Diamond Yoga. And then we spoke a bit more about ‘spiritual matters’. (The picture is from the last time I was on Marketa and Slaveks show).
From coming Thursday on I will be on this station every two weeks with Diamand Yoga from 10 to 10:30 – so maybe I’ll see you there?

Jewels in the Morning Sun

When I get up these spring mornings here at Serenity, and look out my window before I go to the morning exercises Morning Jewels 2I see a whole meadow covered by jewels. Surely, if you were a scientist, you could ask such questions as, “Why is it that these tiny droplets do assemble at the top of the leaves of grass most of the time and not just everywhere?” But a guy like me just lets himself be overwhelmed by the sparkling beauty of this phenomenon. Morning Jewels 4Surely, it’s a richess that you cannot share any other way than by the eyes of the heart – but it’s richess nevertheless, and I am utterly thankful for these beautiful days with jewels sparkling in the morning sun.

Where I live…

… most of the time, that is. A panorama picture of the grounds of the Serenity Commnity
taken by Pujaro ofPan of Serenity goodstream