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What else is there

16 Jul , 2009,
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One of the bands I’ve (re-)discovered recently, turning me on wonderfully with their music… and then discovering far out videos of them. Here is one you might also enjoy

Directed by Martin De Thurah

Featuring Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife

More Royksopp videos here: vimeo.com/royksopptv

An Artful View of (Western) Civilisation

30 Jun , 2009,
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Reminding me somewhat of the Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, Marco Brambilla‘s video installation is traveling from Hell to heaven in an elevator… well, not really, it just looks as if we’re in one. Not much I can say about this, really, except that I’ve looked at it in HQ and on the whole screen many times now… it’s quite a trip!

Some more information on the making of this video installation and a quicktime version of this video here.

Help comes from amazing places

15 Nov , 2008,
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Being with my feeling – or as Michael Brown whom you’ll hear from in this interview with Jordan Shafer, that I discovered after receiving an email from Gilles Asselin who spoke with high regard about his book The Presence Process – without condition everything I require in life comes… this is a most amazing inspiration at this moment in time as I’m going through a rough situation in my private life, where it is as if a can of ugly worms of feelings has been opened. Feelings I know very well, feelings that have been part of my life’s story for a long time already; actually a melody of feelings that I liked NOT to listen to :-)

So here they are. Hope they’ll help you as well.

If you don’t want to make view all of them, here is the gist: “If I can feel my discomfort and allow myself to be with it without condition consistently I’ll receive what I require to bring resolution.”

And here is a jewel:
“Once someone enters the experience being without condition upon their uncomfortable (emotional) signatures that very experience becomes the teacher.”

(Addendum: I have since started my an expiriment “Enlightening the Passions” in which I take my feelings, emotions and experience as a teacher… and it has proven to be an amazing teacher indeed; the best I ever had.

Starting up the experiment
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4 (Powerlessness)
Day 5
Day 6 (Jealousy)
Day 7 (Guilt & Jealousy)
Day 8
Day 9 (Shame)
Day 10 (Interlude)
Day 11 (Under Pressure)
Day 12
Day 13 (Clear Delight)

Day 14
Day 15 & 16
Day 17
Day 18
Day 19 (Dark Waves)
Day 20 (Time Out)
Day 21 (Splash)
Day 22 (Understanding)
Day 23 (Fear & Imagination)
Day 24 (Vulnerable)
Day 25
Day 26 (The Presence of The Past)
Ending the Experiment – Day 27 (Intentional Vulnerability)

Me to the Power of Us

18 Apr , 2008,
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A beautiful video illustration a visionary statement by Michel Bauwens which expresses most beautifully the Path I find myself to be on.

“Anyway, this is what the changes are about, augmenting the individual through relationality, with the object of creating common value ‘collectively’, through self-aggregation. The whole push of the p2p revolution is to create the infrastructure for this, designing for inclusion, and for convergence of the indiviual and collective interest, through value-conscious design.”
From Our new digital selves and their relational augmentation by Michel Bauwens

Right Brain Enlightenment

31 Mar , 2008,
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Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: One morning, she realized she was having a massive stroke. As it happened — as she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding — she studied and remembered every moment. This is a powerful story about how our brains define us and connect us to the world and to one another.


10 Feb , 2008,
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Jamie WoonPerformed using a Line6 DL4 loop sampler.


While we have oceans
Rivers that still bring us life
Reasons to live in the moment
Hold onto your timeLet your heart go where the wind takes it
Pure like the raindrops of time
Follow the path where it takes you
Straight down the line

Ladies and Gentlemen
Surely we’re here in mind
Watching our spirits dance on the
On the backs of our lives

How can one sit back and dream it
I’d have no peace in my life
Climbing these walls in an hourglass
Prized in our strife

And I have seen worlds filled with wonder
Lost on my own lonely mile
Lessons I wish I had mirrored
Time after time

Ladies and Gentlemen
Surely we’re here in mind
Watching our spirits dance on the
On the backs of our lives

While we have oceans
Rivers that still bring us life
Reasons to dance in the moment
Hold onto your time

Come fill up your souls with our blessings
Hold up your hands to the sky
Let the whole world know you’re out there
High in our highs

Ladies and Gentlemen
Surely we’re here in mind
Watching our spirits dance on the
On the backs of our lives

Song written by Yap
Directed by Martyn Thomas
Director of photography Bob Harlow
Filmed by Bob Harlow and Martyn Thomas
Edited by Bob Harlow
Sound recording by John Hendicott
Produced by Dannii Evans

Yes We Can!

5 Feb , 2008,
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I just saw this for the first time. Not being American I still find it very inspiring – and I do hope that tomorrow will have Obama on top so that the whole world can be taken up in this inspiration…


On being Audacious

25 Oct , 2007,
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Originally posted by White Rhino this is an inspiring story by Joe Laur from SoL, the Society for Organizational Learning, friend and systems thinker was recently at 7th Generation with the SoL Sustainability Consortium. SoL’s soul purpose is to build the capacity in organizations and society to achieve economic, ecological and social sustainability so that all life can thrive for all time. In the 2-day session the group of SoL companies discussed Climate Change and what companies need to do to make a difference. Here is one of Joe’s many stories. This one is about how to think about being as big as the challenge…


A peep into the near future of my work

18 Oct , 2007,
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In this video Jeff Han and Phil Davidson demonstrate how a multi touch driven computer will change the way we work and play.
Hey, I really can’t wait until these computers are available at an affordable price so I can really work!


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