The Dark Ages and the Beautiful Ages

It’s Saturday, or Reflection Day, so here comes something I’ve reflected upon today: “We are powerfully imprisoned in these Dark Ages simply by the terms in which we have been conditioned to think.” – Bucky Fuller

This is NOT pointing a finger at those who’ve done the conditioning.
This is also NOT about believing that others-than-I are being conditioned.
This is about inspecting how my thinking is imprisoning me.

Recently my heart-friend Jean asked, “What would happen if you totally embraced what is right now. In your life. In your community. In the world. Just allowed it to be. And then, after a deep breath you said, I am going to make the most I can of what is. What might happen?”

What has imprisoned me?

  • The assumption that imperfection is a flaw I need to work on. I got out of that prison by embracing my and everybody’s imperfection.
  • The assumption I need to make money. I left that prison by doing what really, really mattered to me. And I always got all the money I needed. And now even much more…
  • The assumption that without intimate partner I’m not whole. Even though that particular prison sometimes catches up with me I leave it again through the understanding that I’m a cornucopia of love and attention.
  • The assumption that I need to be more, better, smarter, more loving, more ‘enlightened’ and work more disciplined and harder. I left that prison by realizing that as long as I live I grow and develop because that’s just the way humans are; nothing to be done about that. And now I find myself getting better, smarter, more loving and more enlightened for the shere fun of doing what I LIKE to do…
  • The assumption that I need to avoid suffering, pain, and the abyss, and/or escape the cauldron of challenging relationships. I walked out that prison by actually staying with the suffering, pain, and looking into the abyss (without dramatizing!) until it reveals its treasures that hide beneath that fiery surface.
  • The assumption I need to be someone. I walked away from that prison by simply being many, and not trying to be or stay one and the same. I find that I have multiple identities that collaborate to form this whatever-I-may-be, or to use a grand word, this mystery I call my self.

So what happens, as I leave the prison? The Dark Ages end and the Beautiful Ages start. And in the Beautiful Ages I see us build Paradise. With our very breath, with our gestures, with our communication, and with all who have walked out, and continue to walk out their private prison.
Thank you for taking this path with me.

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