The Return of the Original

SelfportraitMy irritation with all teachings by any or all Masters, contemporary or not, has revealed itself to being irritated with myself, not staying with the Original, trusting the Original, embodying the Original, easing into, seeing with and inhabiting the Original.

It’s a  matter of trust.

So, even though the Original became obvious to me on a beautiful summer day almost 15 years ago, and I stayed with/as the Original for quite some time, it became obfuscated by second-hand or rather, the not quite original, again, and I became a spiritual teacher in a lovely, great, deep, beautiful lineage, for sure, and the Original shone through often enough, but it’s utter simplicity was somehow lost to me. And once that journey as spiritual leader needed to be left behind for an exploration into wefulness, close encounters with the Circle Being, and other mystical happenings, I did, but still the Original was gone, in some strange sense unbeknown to me. And then the journey of turning business into a veritable spiritual path began for me: defined 7 years ago as Collaboration Ecology, and now growing into an international company and “the rubber hitting the road” for real. And still, I didn’t miss the Original; I didn’t even notice its fading into the background.

And so, as I look at this now, my journey into the not-original, into the slight distances between things, the never ending stories of aims, purposes and goals as real, and so endlessly on took its course. I could and can still call on the bliss-energy on demand and transmit it, even to strangers on the train, but still that’s not the Original, as now I know. I guess I wanted to learn to include all this not so original matter, the divine entertainment, including the shaktipat, the chi, the turned on blisses simply appearing in my body, but most of all the deflation, the obscure, the shadow and the night where all seems lost and nothing gained…

And yet, when I look right now, the Original is presencing itself as every blade of grass, as a flip chart marker, a mobile phone, this computer screen.

I never liked the idea of consciousness as foundational, that consciousness manifests as everything etc. Recently, when I read Bernardo Kastrup’s article that rationally and elegantly shows the hypothesis of consciousness as a prior, fundamental “force”, like gravity for instance or the electro-magnetic force, I did a little dance, because it satisfied everything my mind likes so much about science. And I liked the consequence it has for rational thinking. Yet truly, I couldn’t wrap my heart around it or my soul. And still the Original was forgotten.

I have, these last two days in particular, been feeling, experiencing, reluctantly welcoming and contemplating the ancient fears around my power again, triggered by a deep sense of intimacy I’ve come to experience unexpectedly and out of the blue recently, where I got utterly scared because of some foundational drama on my life’s path, the fear of having  a ‘bad core’ because those I’ve loved most, and who said truthfully they deeply and utterly loved me (at first my mother, when I was 6), always sent me away… Because of my conclusion when I was 6, that there must be something really very wrong with me, that I’ll always hurt the ones I love most, I managed to mostly never let anyone come so utterly close to me personally again.

Oh, there surely where moments and even periods of deep intimacy with everything, like when the Original became obvious, but this wasn’t person to person, heart to heart, soul to soul intimacy. This is deep and all encompassing Spirit, for sure, it is Clear Space, Transparent Joy, yes, and certainly the person is effected in many ways, but somehow it’s not including these ancient wounds, these big and little traumas embedded in the body and psyche and acting as an injunction in ordinary life’s circumstance and relating.

And yet today, in my  whole body contemplation of this particular wound, coupled with the irritation about some actually great tantric teaching about Siva and Shakti i was reading, the Original became obvious again in a new, simple clear way, and strangely enough it has always been here anyways, it just wasn’t That Obvious to me, beautifully sidetracked as I’ve been.

The Original showed up as the purposeless, aimless, simple self-presencing of the trees right out there, and then spread out as every little being and thing that appears in my awareness. And I remembered again that, to me, this Presencing is foundational and that maybe that is meant when mystics speak about consciousness being at root of all. But really, it doesn’t matter what they say, cause I’ll stay simply with the Original, and now the ancient pain, my fear of power and intimacy, the wounds and possible wounding that still scares me is mysteriously “okay”, it looks like.

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  1. Original is beautiful…. this post prompts me to wonder whether we deceive ourselves that we protect others by attempting to control or avoid stepping fully into our power…. perhaps we can only protect others by embracing our power even when it scares us, and by growing self compassionately in it, we learn to live well with all the life force we are gifted… i can imagine that living in touch with all that is alive, our need to protect others or ourselves may dissipate… resilience and healing capacities emerge to tend wounds that find a place in growth cycles… perhaps from unmediated Original, we discover new clarity about what it means to use our power well… much love on the path of discovery.

    1. I love that you picked up on one of the most important aspects in my view, Kate, that of personal power. That’s what the Original is gifted with the power to be just the way you are. And yes, I’m scared of that power, even though the fear is abating slowly it seems. It seems like, to me, from where I’m operating now, that one never really protects an other by not being the Original one. I, on inspection, see that I “protect” myself from feeling the fear of being “cast out”, from the other distancing themselves from us – maybe because they fear the fierce fire we are, or the gentle but fathomless depth that we are or whatever we are, when we are Original. So for myself I would reframe “our need to protect others or ourselves may dissipate” to, “as we face our insecurity and fear its hold over us and its influence on our behavior diminishes.”

      Thank you Kate for your response and love…

  2. I am aware when someone is going to ‘leave’ being with me. I am sensitive, energeticly aware of, when a person begins to distance themselves from me, long before they do. There’s a fine line between knowing this and not adding effort to it happening.

    In the past few days I have been exploring wounds around leaving (being left). This was spurred on when a close friend asked me to (essentially) leave them alone so they could attend to healing (regaining connection to their core strength) in the only way they knew, by virtue of a (personal) retreat. It wasn’t until I understood at a very deep place, that we never leave each other, how was still with them, that I understood their retreat, could help them leave me, and have the time alone they so desperately needed.

    1. Yes, Katherine, and we may wish to honor the stages of grieving that such a distancing brings with it. And, if we’re lucky enough, to be able to express it to the leaving one. So they know. Not to make them feel as bad as we feel, but just so they understand the consequences. Because a distance created is a distance established. to remain in place. This always hurts. And it seems like it belongs utterly to being human. No way to escape it. Except some people manage to transcend and stand aloof. But for those of us, who remain incarnate, embodied human persons, we’ll always go through a mourning cycle. That’s why our eyes can shed tears… May you move through this in grace.

  3. Dear … this sounds like a crisis ? The question whether playing arround with THE GRACE matters or not? Dd I get it right ? If so – well, I know that – and not to long ago a have made the missing 2% of my decision: NO goals.
    For further exchange just: call or come over 🙂
    Love & light, Evelin

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