Where Beauty is Alive

Yesterday one of my twiends (people on Twitter I love to follow, Ravi Tangri) alerted me to a blog entry by Amy Lenzo about true beauty.

Truth has always been beautiful in my eyes, and what is deeply beautiful true. Not only in the visual worl but also, and much more so, in the world of music. Actually my very first deeply mystical experiences were connected to music by Stevie Wonder, The Beatles and Moody Blues – it was really an I-Thou happening; beauty unfolding in between me and the music, in the linking field where “we are one and not the same…” (U2)

Beauty is self-evident, I think, and I’ve been blessed enough to never work on these experiences with the tools of theory beyond the saying, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” And finding out, that I do not really believe that – rather, when I see something as beautiful I have the deep conviction that he/she/it is revealing their soul, what they are in truth. Beauty as a window to the really real…

Looking at this 8:11 min. portrait I was touched deeply. Here is a man that looks disfiguered, and when listening to him you get a sense of what real beauty is about. What came up for me, and what keeps on influencing me even today, one day after first seeing it, is the thought that I see society as disfigured – right now, for instance, my window is open and I hear the traffic of the main road further down… or, listening to the radio during my breakfast this morning and hearing about women in China and India rising to the challenges that patriarchal traditions impose on them… or just a moment ago looking at the Plan B 3.0‘s Table of Content (to just randomly pick 2: Deteriorating Oil and Food Security, Population and Resource Conflicts)… there is so much disfigurement.
Having seen this video has changed that in (at least) two ways: When I see something at first glance as being “disfigured” I look again. And, supporting the people that make up the processes and systems that are coming from this ‘being disfigured’ (all the challenges we are facing in the world) to move in the direction David Roche has moved to become the true beauty he is.

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  1. Dear Mushin,
    yesterday I took part in a talk Sant R. S. J. Maharaj at Esoterika and Bio Festival in Prag and it’s interesting that he also spoke about our judgement at first glance, “a sentencing” according to our visual impressions and formed views – it’s nice, it’s ugly, he is black …Yes, sometimes the beauty can be superficial, sometimes you have to search it under a rough sheel and sometimes it’s in harmony. In the music, which you allude to, you have to feel the harmony and beauty, it’s not for sight, I think. By the way, thanks for your information about Deva and Miten on your websides (2 years ago). I participated in your concert until quite recently and it was really “like a breath of fresh air”…
    I also want to tell you in this place (I am not one of twiends, so I can’t to do it there), that your grandson is really kissable and your son grew into man, he looks nice and he is much similar to you 😉

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